Thank you so much for being my "Life Coach". It was a great experience and I came away feeling very empowered to "conquer my demons"! The digging into things on a deeper level made me come face to face with some facts I had known, but had swept under the rug because they were difficult to face; thus I didn't deal with them. You brushed off the dust and I was forced to face (and begin to deal) with them. You were a delight to work with! You were tough when I needed it and compassionate at the same time. Your humor softens and makes endurable, the thinking of and dealing with hard and wrenching things of the past; not to mention: just plain fun! You're honest and forthright, and yet humble in your assessments and/or thought provocations. The whole experience was a bit like childbirth; grueling labor on one hand; and yet an exhilarating, fantastic time on the other! it was a great help to me personally, and to us as a family. Bless you! Thank you for your love, and for exhibiting His Love!
Diane B.
2-Day Life Plan
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