with Lorraine McFarland

Dr. Lorraine speaks straight from the heart.

She has been a guest speaker in churches, on the mission field, and at women’s conferences in the U.S., Honduras, and El Salvador. Her passion is
to help women step out of their pain, identify who they are in Christ, and step into their God given purpose… both confident and unashamed.

In her straightforward approach, she tells of her own personal story that resulted in years of silence and shame; she felt broken, afraid, misplaced,
unworthy, and ashamed. She tells how she once believed God was not there for her because others were far more important than she ever
could be.

Dr. Lorraine has walked the hall of shame and defeat into the place of personal breakthrough and renewal. She now lives and experiences God’s plan and a purpose for her life. Her ultimate passion is to heal the brokenhearted and set the captives free. As she often states, “The sound of chains falling off the souls of others is a beautiful sound!”

Dr. Lorraine is a dynamic speaker and holds no punches with her audience. Her straight from the heart delivery will leave a lasting impression that can change hearts and lives. Her goal is to begin the ultimate transformation process.

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