How Lorraine Became a Writer

In 2009, just after the death of her husband, Dr. Lorraine felt an urgent need to find out about her grandmother Doris who had passed away when she was just a baby of 18 months. Her mother had shared with her that her grandmother would show up unannounced and say, “I’m here to get Lorraine for the weekend!” Unfortunately, Grandmother Doris was killed in automobile accident, and the experienced love for Lorraine was shortened; later learning it left her with a fear of abandonment. At the young age of only 18 months, she felt a great void in her life that never returned. The day came when her grandmother no longer dropped in to pick her up for the weekend visits, the hugs, the kisses, and the unconditional love.

The urgent passion led Lorraine to travel to Alabama to find out information about her grandmother. She had decided that she would surprise her mother by creating a book about Grandmother Doris for a Christmas present. Therefore, she was unable to ask her mother any questions. So she set out to meet distant relatives to conduct interviews, gather photos, and administer the needed research regarding her special subject matter.

For the Love of Doris was a smash hit. It was the beginning of a new passion for writing, storytelling, and memoirs. She laughs as she says, “The passion sure came in handy when I was writing my thesis and dissertation for Bible College.”

Today, she uses that same passion of writing to reach women by sharing truths and life events in hope to help others with their journey in the healing of the heart, mind, and soul. She strongly believes God has a plan for our lives. Her desire is help each woman heal from the past and identify the plan God has for them to move forward and experience an abundance of life.


The Fight of Your Life

“If I knew then what I know now, I would have faced the giants in my closet many years earlier…”

Dr. Lorraine says, “It makes me angry to know that I lost my childhood due to the shenanigans of the enemy!” He is a liar from the pit of hell.

She explained, “I always thought God didn’t love me as much as He loved others and I was destined to a life of bad luck. I believed in my heart I wasn’t as good as the others; singled out and forgotten.” How are we to know that Satan is trying to destroy us from the time we take our first breath? When we know the truth the truth sets us free! Dr. Lorraine believes everyone should know the truth! God says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6). She knows and believes this first hand because it almost destroyed her.

Dr. Lorraine originally wrote on the subject of Spiritual Warfare in Bible College. At the time she had no intentions of going forward with another degree until one evening she distinctly heard the Holy Spirit tell her …. “The truth must be shared with all the world.” She was directed to continue her education and write about spiritual warfare. Why? …Because she is so passionate about the subject. She explained, “God has been taking the wrap for the enemy’s tactics long enough. People need to know the truth.” Today she has a Doctorate Degree and her dissertation was also on a deeper dive into spiritual warfare.

One-Way Journey to Destiny

Dr. Lorraine believes in having fun—the cover on this book alone attests to that. Today, she still drives a little red Volkswagen convertible (her teenage dream car), and when she is in that car, all her cares disappear. She often says laughter is our best medicine.One-way Journey to Destiny is a brief glimpse into how she lost vision and God captured her attention through a remarkable, undeniable chain of events. God gave her the path that set her on a journey of self-discovery. It was simply the beginning of things yet to come.Enjoy some of her craziness while you hear her heart in action towards greater things ahead: God’s plan. This is the beginning of the road map . . .

To order ONE WAY Journey to Destiny, visit (site currently under construction).

He Said… GET UP

Dr. Lorraine is a true SURVIVOR! An OVERCOMER! … and a Woman of Faith! As a child, her life dream was to find her voice—from the depths of her being and far beyond her shyness—to tell the world the truth of her own personal pain: the hidden secret.

This book originally started as a submission to a writing contest. She knew it was the only way she would ever accomplish putting such pain into writing. Why? Because there was a deadline for the entry. Dr. Lorraine gracefully admits she is a procrastinator at heart; growing up, she always doubted her self-worth, value to others, and ability to be somebody the world could accept.

After the contest—of which she states she’s glad she didn’t win—her written words were filed away, never to be shared again. She struggled as she kept hearing the words, “Get up!” She knew fear continued to be her enemy.

Today, she has found her voice and fearlessly steps into a world of freedom. Without hesitation, Dr. Lorraine shares this journey in hopes that it helps others overcome the pain of their past and step into their God-given purpose.

“God took me on a journey that literally saved my life,” she explains. “He led me to true freedom. When I hear the words, ‘Get up,’ I know it means, ‘Go tell the World!’”

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